Coronavirus Lockdown & hiring a Locksmith

FAQ and everything you need to know

Since the announcement of the Lockdown earlier this year, the Henley area (along with all of the UK) has been affected massively. This also includes the ability to call out a locksmith to help keep your home safe. And, even though Locksmiths have still been operating on an emergency basis, things have been harder. 

However, since the Lockdown measures have been eased, things are changing. With these changes, we have experienced a rise in questions from clients that are not sure what to do. Below we have answered the most frequently asked questions surrounding the coronavirus lockdown and hiring a locksmith.

Is AssuredEntry open during the Lockdown?

Yes, prior to the easing of the Lockdown measures, AssuredEntry (along with most locksmiths) were only doing an Emergency call-out services, however, we are now operating at full capacity in the Henley, Marlow, Maidenhead (as well as surrounding areas).

Will a Locksmith cost more during Covid-19?

No, our prices will not and have not increased since the Lockdown began, as a family run business we know the importance of community and therefore are keeping things the way they have always been. Get in touch with us to find out more about our pricing here.

Is the call-out charge more during Covid-19?

Again no, a locksmith should not increase the call-out charge during the crisis and we haven’t either. If your regular locksmith does, consider looking for an alternative and cheaper locksmith.

What are the Locksmith hours during the new Coronavirus Lockdown measures?

We are back to working regular hours as we have always done. Whatever your need, whatever the time, AssuredEntry is here to assist you.

I am self-isolating at home can a locksmith still help?

Yes, a locksmith will be able to help if you are self-isolating at home although we recommend you follow these steps: 

  • Tell us (the locksmith) the type of work you require completing
  • It is vital to tell us (the locksmith) you are self-isolating
  • The locksmith will ensure actions can be put in place before the visit

Will, we (the locksmith) keep Social Distancing in place?

Yes, locksmiths will ensure that social distancing measures are kept at all times and will work with hand sanitizer/gels, gloves, and masks for prevention.

The locksmith can complete their work on his own ensuring yourself and the locksmith are kept safe.