How to improve your front door security – Windowless Doors

Like our last post, this is a quick note before we start: There is no definite way to keep burglars out, only ways to prevent. At AssuredEntry we have put together a little guide on how to hinder, discourage and put off potential burglars from entering your Henley based home or business. This is the third post in a series of 5, where we go into the top 5 tips to keep your home safe  Use windowless doors

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Driving and walking through Henley-on-Thames and the surrounding areas, it is very obvious to see that a lot of people like windows on their front doors. Even though there are benefits of having a door with windows, such as letting more light in, aesthetic reasons, it still poses a massive security risk.

Firstly, if the window in the door is near to the lock, it will make it very easy for burglars to break into that door by smashing the window and simply unlocking it from the inside. Secondly, if there are any valuables by the door, they might not even have to get into the property completely to steal from you. Simply by smashing the window, grabbing and running.

However, if you are going to keep windows in your front door, there are things you can do to make it safer.

  1. Make sure that the window is as far away from the lock as possible. This will stop them from unlocking the door from the inside.
  2. Another is to install decorative bars or metal reinforcement; this will stop the burglar reaching through if they smash the glass, or potentially could deter him from breaking in all together.

However, with all that said, it is still safer to get rid of windows altogether, to make sure that no-one can smash through it, but also that no-one can look inside to see your valuables possessions.  For more information on the safest types of doors see this link.

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