How to improve your front door security – Doors and frame.

As our last post, this is a quick note before we start: There is no definite way to keep burglars out, only ways to prevent. At AssuredEntry we have put together a little guide on how to hinder, discourage and put off potential burglars from entering your Henley based home or business. This is the second post in a series of 5, where we go into the top 5 tips to keep your home safe  Check the strength of your door and frame.

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Door Strength

Door strength is vital to keeping out burglars and making sure that they can’t kick through it, especially if it’s wooden (which the Henley area has a lot of). Even with the best lock in the world, if the door isn’t strong, an intruder can force their way through your door, rendering it useless.

How to reinforce your door.

You can reinforce your wooden door by inserting a strike plate made from metal which is attached with extra-long screws that are drilled into the studs an all sides of the doorway. You can get those plates from most DIY shops or order them online. If you’re not a confident to install this yourself, then it is best to contact a professional locksmith.

The door frame.

The door frame is another aspect of the door that you can improve. First thing to do is to make sure that the door frame is securely screwed or bolted to the walls around it. You can make it more secure by fitting special bars to make the locking points and hinges sturdier. You could also try hinge bolts; they’re designed to prevent the door from being forced off its hinges. 

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