How to improve your front door security – Upgrading Locks.

Just a quick note before we start: There is no way to 100% burglar proof your doors, only ways on how to make them safer. At AssuredEntry we have put together a little guide on how to hinder, discourage and put off potential burglars from entering your home or business. We will be releasing each tip on a weekly basis, the first one being – Upgrading Locks.

Tip Number 1 – Upgrading your locks.

Seems like an obvious one, however, it is a simple change and also effective. Making sure that the lock on your door isn’t, broken, old or rusted is a very effective way to improve the security of your front door.

If you do find yourself in a situation where the lock on your front door (or any other door, especially external) needs changing it is better to call a professional locksmith immediately. Before you carry on reading, contact us here, if you need a lock changing or fixing. 

Whether you have a wooden or uPVC door, make sure you use locks that are ‘British Standard’, that way you can be certain that they have undergone rigorous testing and made secure. There are also options to install “Anti-Snap or High Security Locks” on uPVC doors. These might be more expensive than other locks, but it will prevent burglars from gaining entry to your business or home. Therefore, the cost is worth it.

Upgrading locks – Insurance.

It is also definitely worth checking with your insurance company that all your locks are insurance compliant. If you have a break in and you find that you had the wrong locks, you may not be able to claim.

Stay tuned for our next blog. How to improve your front door security – Checking the Strength of your door and frame.