Every two seconds around the world someone books a room through Airbnb! It is currently has an estimated worth of over $35 billion and has big hotel chains quaking in their boots! Unlike hotels where the property has been designed for the comfort of frequent guests, Airbnb allows hosts to list their own homes for others to stay in whilst they aren’t there. So how do you stay safe when booking and staying in an Airbnb property? Read on for our tips on Airbnb Safety. 

Before you travel – Airbnb Safety

Here is a list of things to make your holiday a little safer and to give you peace of mind – before you travel.

Read the reviews

Reading the reviews from previous guests and how much they rated it will give you a good indication of what the property was like and whether there were any problems. Airbnb only lets previous guests write a review so although it isn’t 100% guaranteed as reviews are so individual you can probably count on them to describe their own experience true to words. Allowing you to make a more informed decision and better understand the property and area.

Travel Insurance

Immediately after booking your trip on Airbnb take out travel insurance. This will ensure that if anything happens to you or your belongings, you won’t be left with an empty wallet.

Secure Payment

When booking, always pay through Airbnb rather than paying the host directly. Airbnb have a secure payment system that has a ‘multi-layer defence strategy’. Going through Airbnb ensures you won’t be subject to scams and they are able to offer refunds in some circumstances. Airbnb states that they will never ask you to wire money across or prove credit card information so if this does happen to you, report it to Airbnb immediately and do not send and money or reveal the information.

Airbnb Safety – What to do when you get to the property?

Carry out a Property Safety Check

When you arrive at the property immediate check it for any risks. Do a quick risk assessment on doors, windows and emergency equipment. If the property doesn’t have safety equipment such as a Fire Extinguisher, Fire blanket, smoke detectors, get in touch with the Host straight away.

Emergency Numbers

Write down the local police and hospital/ emergency room numbers and addresses.

In an emergency, most people panic and make silly mistakes. Be prepared with the numbers to hand so if the worst were to happen you save time trying to locate the correct place.

Airbnb Community Standards

Airbnb has set values of trust they expect their hosts and guests to follow and have established them into five standards. These are – safety, security, fairness, authenticity and reliability. You can read these more in-depth here:

AssuredEntry and Airbnb properties

Safety is a major factor for people when choosing their holiday destinations as shown above, especially for people with young children. Therefore if you are a an Airbnb Host you should make sure that the property is safe and secure, otherwise it might lead to negative reviews and a loss of business. For more information on how to make your property more secure, contact us here. We at AssuredEntry have worked with a wide range of properties ensuring that they are secure for them and their guests.