When most people think of Christmas, new years and Home security, Home Alone has to be the the film that comes to mind the most. However, are the traps accurate, could they actually be used to protect your home?

We will go through some of the best traps in the film and see whether they should have been used by you this past Christmas.

The Spider Surprise

We all know the scene where Kevin uses his brothers’ pet tarantula to give one of the intruders a good scare. Now, even though this seems to work in the film, there are 2 reasons why this tactic wouldn’t work. Firstly, tarantulas aren’t very common as a UK household pets so. And secondly, this is not safe for the Spider and unless the intruder has a fear of Spiders it is not very likely to make them run out of the house.

However, other pets such as dogs can be good deterrents to a potential burglar. The noise of them barking or moving around in the house can be an asset, and the use of a ‘beware of the dog’ sign in an extra precaution.

The Slimy Ladder

Kevin has the ingenious ideas of smearing the rungs of a ladder with goo, making it impossible for one of the ‘Wet Bandits’ to climb up. We can take two things from this, one; do not leave ladders in a place that they can be used to gain entry. Also you can invest in ‘anti-climb’ paint; this has a thick oily coating that looks glossy when applied. However, it remains slippery and makes it almost impossible for a burglar to climb your wall.

Let the TV do the Talking

‘Merry Christmas ya filthy animal!’ may the most iconic line from a fake movie within a movie. Kevin tricks the ‘Wet Bandits’ by playing a film loud on the television. While this is amusing in the film, the principle is solid. Sounds and lights will deter burglars from breaking in. You can set timers on lamps to come on and off periodically, to give the allusion of a presence in the house. You can even buy a T.V Simulator that flashes different coloured lights, so to someone looking through a window, the television seems to be on.

Secure the Perimeter

Kevin uses a couple of techniques to secure the perimeter of his home. He ices the stairs, the ‘Wet Bandits’ slip and fall, so are unable to reach the front door. He also heats up the front door knob to such a temperature that it burns the pattern into one burglars hand; he also throws bricks at them from the roof of the house. We do not suggest ANY of these however; securing your perimeter is a good idea. Your fencing, hedging or walls can attract or deter burglars. Check for weak spots, a rusty lock or unstable fence for example. A thorny hedge around your home can put thieves off, but you will need to make sure that passers by can still see the front of your home, so a burglar won’t go unnoticed. A gravel drive way is a great deterrent, as an intruder will be put off by the noise it makes when walking on it.


All of this is a bit extreme and complicated. If you want a bit of piece and mind then simply get in touch with us and we can make your home safe in 2020. We make things simple, transparent and we guarantee to make your home safe, without using any weird hollywood techniques.

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